The Weatherman


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Joseph awoke from a deep slumber, the old song "Lollipop" playing on the radio. He sat up and noticed his wife wasn't lying next to him. Which was strange because she was usually a late sleeper, normally waking up around noon. not 7:00 A.M.

'That's weird' he thought, as he stretched and yawned before getting up to find his wife.

As he stepped out of the room he saw that the hallway was a total mess. The drawers out of the dresser from his twin daughter's (Lindsey and Chelsey's) bedroom were laying in the hallway, the clothes all sprawled out in crumbled heaps.

Just then he notices some blood on a shirt and he instantly started to panic.

"Jane?" he yelled.

"Chelsey?" "Linsey?" he called again, but got no response. 'Where are they?'

He walked down the stairs still calling "Jane?" "Girls?"

'WTF is goin on..'


He entered the living room, then stopped in his tracks and gasped in horror. A hand was laying in the doorway, a trail of blood on the tan carpet.. 'Oh my fucking god....' he said to himself as he ran to the doorway choking back the tears, as he slowly opened the door he saw an unimaginable horror, his wife with her head gashed almost in half, from her temple down to her collar bone was a vicious horizontal curl.. shock took hold of him and he passed out.

Some time later, he came to and as he awoke he heard "Jeepers Creepers" again "I don't care what the weatherman says; when the weatherman says 'it's rain,' you'll never hear me complain."

He went to look at his wife once more to make sure this all just hasn't been a bad nightmare.

As he approached, chills began to climb up his spine..

A dark-shadow creature sat in the corner, glaring and smiling at him with it's red eyes. It had a twisted mouth and vicious grin.

Its claws tap, tap, tapping the floor..

Just then, as if on cue, the song played again: "Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers....."

It then began to make a sound; a silent whisper that was echoed by the sounds of children,

I am the Weatherman

It reaches out and does a quick gesture with its claws, immediately it starts pouring rain and thunder shook the whole house

He stared paralyzed in fear before yelling "You killed my fuckin' family. WHY?.. WHY?"

It just continued to grin as it reached in the dark corner grabbing something, he can't make out what it had and then it showed him its prize.

It was one of his daughters, Chelsey... and her eyes were missing... empty sockets dripping blood.

Her mouth was open stuck in an unending scream. Joseph began to sob, overwhelmed by the race of every emotion crashing into eachother.

It grins again tilting its head as if seeing your pain and the impact of what it had done was pleasing to it..

Joseph wipes his eyes still confused and in shock. Just then, in less time than it took him to blink, the creature was right in front of him, still chanting.

I am the Weatherman

Joseph was defeated, weak and helpless, losing his grasp on sanity. He looked into the creature's red eyes and it just stared back grinning as he lost his mind, his consciousness was replaced with madness and reality was shattered. His mind snapped and he crumbled to the floor..

After no one hears from the family for a few days the police show up for a wellness check and discover the gruesome crime scene. Joseph was charged with the murder of his wife and daughters; the young girls bodies were found hanging, all of them were strung up with obvious signs of torture and their eyes ripped out...

Joseph spent a little over a year in a hospital for the criminally insane before he was found dead in his cell. He had torn his own eyes from the socket before killing himself... and he still had a sickening grin on his face..

After his death strange things started to occur, people get the feeling they're being watched or someone is rig─ąt behind them, seeing shadows dart from the corners of their eyes, and to this day more than five people have gone missing never to be seen again.

Not to mention on some nights, especially when it's raining, some of the patients can be heard laughing and saying

I am the Weatherman

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